Who Are We?

Over 35 years of experience combined, 5K Blocks is a 8 man team that delivers like a company driven by 50


Smart Contracts

Custom smart contracts to power all of your native crypto projects. Smart contracts are built with computer code that automatically executes all or parts of an agreement which is stored on a blockchain platform.

Blockchain Applications

We can help you create a marketplace, crypto exchange or convert your current application and payment gateways over to communicate with any blockchain framework of your choosing.

Decentralized Solutions

Decentralized solutions operate per a network of nodes. Each node operates with equal authority. This eliminates single points of control. Therefore a decentralized system is more secure and resistant to censorship.

Web3 Branding

Establishing yourself as a brand in a new landscape can be challenging. We help draft branding guides which includes popular social (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube) outlines per each creation and client we accept.

Web3 Marketing

Custom SEO strategies that are powered by viral marketing campaigns which we help identify by analyzing competitors and niche specifics that our clients are interested in competing in.

Custom Web Applications

No idea is too big or small for our team. We specialize in creating custom web apps which include but are not limited to technologies such as iOS, Android, Flutter, Python, PHP, Javascript, Ruby, C & C#